Week 4, Parameters

Class Notes


Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:



Time Duration Purpose Format Name
Pre Engage - - 3Blue1Brown: How secure is 256 bit security?
4:00 30 m Review Critique Homework Review
4:30 5 m Engage Discussion Blue Square
4:35 20 m Study Lecture Parameters Introduction
4:55 10 m x x Break
5:05 20 m Study Lecture Interfaces Introduction
5:25 25 m Activate Activity Fictional Machines
5:50 10 m Study Lecture Study Examples
6:00 30 m Activate Coding In-class Challenges

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Homework Review


What did you make this week?

groups, 5 minutes

In your assigned team, choose 1 or 2 sketches from the past week and use them to illustrate your answer to your team’s question.

class, 6x3 minutes

Share your chosen sketch, comment on it and summarize your discussion.


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Group Question
1 Saloni, Ashley, Dit
Choose a common visual theme that has appeared in several pieces. Discuss the theme and two example sketches.
2 Yang, Lionel, Karen
Choose an interesting work that is unlike the other sketches. Why did you choose this piece?
3 OJ, Elena, Amanda
Choose a work that you like and and don’t know how it was made. Describe what you see.
4 Ping, Isabel, Adam, Robin
Perlin Noise is often used to simulate natural forms. Choose a work that demonstrates this. Discuss.
5 Simon, FiFi, Munro
The pair challenge is not a competition but who won?
6 Mickell, John, Yoon
The individual challenge (treasure map) is not a competition, but who won?

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Special Assignment

Later in this class I will ask you to create special sketches using equipment available to you through The New School. If you haven’t used the following equipment before, you should sign up for orientations. Be ready to use the following equipment by the sixth week of classes.