Comp Form

This site introduces tools, methods, and concepts used in creating computational form, algorithmic images, generative art, ad parametric designs in many mediums primarily as a method of aesthetic experimentation. This site is a companion to the Computational Form elective taught by Justin Bakse in Parsons Design and Technology program.


General principles, practices, and building blocks useful for all procedural generation endeavors.


Comp Form Spring 2018



Syllabus | Sketch Blog | Case Study Assignment

Lesson Plan Topics
Week 1, January 26 Introduction, Tile Graphics
Week 2, February 2 Random Values
Week 3, February 9 Parameters
Week 4, February 16 Noise
Week 5, February 23 Strategy
Week 6, March 2 Pixel Data
Week 7, March 9 Turtle Graphics
Week 8, March 16 Vector Data
Week 9, March 23 Spring Break
Week 10, March 30 Animation
Week 11, April 6 Generating Text
Week 12, April 13 Generating Sound
Week 13, April 20 Music
Week 14, April 27 3D Forms
Week 15, May 4 Microgames
Week 16, May 11 Postmortem Party