Shaping + Mixing

abs min max clamp mix smoothstep periodic functions addative synthesis





Checkerboard 2

In-class Challenge

Explore the code examples above by completing the following challenges in order.
Don’t skip any.

Modify the Disc example

  1. Make the disc less blury.
  2. Make a radial gradient from white out to black.

Modify the Puzzle example

  1. Make the disc white.

Modify the Moon example

  1. Remove the small bumps from the horizon.
  2. Move the horizon up.
  3. Lighten the sky.

Modify the Sticker example

  1. Move the stripe up a little.
  2. Make the sticker white, with a black stripe.

Modify the Checkerboard 2 example

  1. Make the dark squares all middle gray.
  2. Make the light squares a gradient from black to white.

Challenging Challenges

Make these!

Two Discs Moon Two Checker Sticker