Week 6, Pixel Data

Class Notes

Vector Drawing

Learning Objectives


Time Duration Purpose Format Name
4:00 10 m Engage Attendance Addendance and Online Etiquette
4:10 20 m Engage Discussion COVID-19 + Online Learning open discussion
4:30 30 m Activate Group Discussion Sketch Review Activity
5:00 30 m Activate Class Discussion Sketch Review Activity Present
5:30 10 m Study Lecture Vector vs Raster, Purpose vs Result
5:40 10 m Study Lecture Immediate vs Retained, Felt vs Markers
5:50 10 m Study Lecture Paperscrip vs Javascript
6:00 30 m Study Live Code Live Code Challenges
6:30 10 m Orientation Lecture Assignment Introduction

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I’m running attendance via a good-old-fashioned roll call. This will double as a tech-check to make sure everyone’s mic and such are working.


If at all possible, keep your video camera on. Silly backrounds are encouraged. Keep it PG.


Most classes are asking participants to mute their mics when not in use.

I’m asking you to keep you mics on unless there is backgound noise. I want people to be able to jump in with minimal friction. We’ll change this if it doesn’t work.


Use the chat! Queue up some questions. This is one thing that works better online.


::: .activity

Homework Review

Using the sketches created by your classmates, compare the topics covered in class so far.

Today’s review is going to be different again today:

For example if your prompt was: “Inside vs Outside”:

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Group Question
1 Simon, Adam, Fifi
Turtles vs Pixels
2 Lionel, Robin, Dit
Noise vs Random
3 Yang, Saloni, Jon, Munro
Image vs Sound
4 OJ, Isabel, Ran
Form vs Conent
5 Elena, Karen, Ashley
Procedural vs Manual
6 Amanda, Ping-Ni, Yoon, Mickell
Sketches vs Projects