Week 4, Noise


Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:



Time Duration Purpose Format Name
4:00 30 m Review Critique Sketch Review Questions
4:20 10 m Engage Code Challenge Without random()
4:30 10 m Study Lecture 01 Noise
4:40 10 m Study Lecture 02 Noise vs. Random
4:50 15 m Engage Activity Noise Worksheet
5:05 20 m Study Lecture 03 Benefits of Noise
5:25 10 m Break Break Break
5:35 10 m Study Lecture 04 1D, 2D, 3D Noise
5:45 10 m Study Lecture 05 Working with Noise
5:55 20 m Activate Coding In-class Challenges
6:15 10 m Study Coding Lecture Challenges Discussion

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Homework Review

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Group Question
1 Isabel, Simon, Elena
When allowing chance to influence their artwork, does an artist give up authorship?
2 Mickell, Neena, Dit
Choose two sketches that you believe demonstrate a biasing technique discussed last week. What kind of bias do you think was used in each?
3 Sungmin, Munro, Robin, Ran
Does computationally generated art have an inherent aesthetic?
4 Fifi, Yang, Adam, OJ
Choose a work that combines procedural and non-procedural elements well. What works about this piece?
5 Yoon, Amanda, Ran
Choose a project that presents an interesting direction for further design inquiry. Suggest 5 possible avenues of development for this project.
6 John, Karen, Ping
The individual challenge is not a competition. But who won?

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