Week 8, Vector Data

Class Notes


Learning Objectives


Time Duration Purpose Format Name
3:50 30 m Review Discussion Homework Review
4:20 20 m Engage Activity Felt Board Activity
4:40 15 m Study Lecture 01 Vector Data
4:55 20 m Study Lecture 02 Paper.js
5:15 5 m Study Lecture Case Study: Paper Jewelry
5:20 10 m Break Break Break
5:30 25 m Activate Coding Code Challenge
5:55 15 m Study Live Coding Challenge Discussion
6:10 15 m Activate Activity Running Paper.js Locally

::: .activity

Homework Review


::: .headless

Group Question
1 Anna, Janice, Ray
Choose a work that was very clearly made using turtle graphics.
2 Tinsley, Noah, Akshansh
Choose a work that uses turtle graphics, but doesn’t look “turtley”.
3 Brad, Batool, Andrew
Choose a work that uses an image as a input, but doesn’t show the image itself.
4 Joe, Felix, Kathrin
Choose a work that “filters” an image.
5 Archit, Phoebe, Brooke
Choose your favorite pixel challenge response.
6 Ivy, Alonso, Jungo, Kevin
Choose your favorite turtle challenge response.