Week 5, Strategies

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:



Time Duration Purpose Format Name
3:50 30 m Review+Engage Discussion Homework Review
4:20 15 m Study Lecture 01 CF + Strategies + Tactics
4:35 15 m Study Lecture 02 Where Should I Put Things?
4:50 10 m Engage Activity Analyze Activity
5:00 10 m Break Break Break
5:10 15 m Study Lecture 03 Point Tactics
5:25 10 m Activate Activity Tactic Match Activity
5:35 30 m Activate Coding Coding Challenges
6:05 10 m Study Lecture Homework Intro
6:15 10m Study Lecture 05 Properties of a PCG System

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Homework Review

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Group Question
1 Alonso, Josefina, Felix
Choose a common theme that has appeared in several pieces. Discuss the theme and two example sketches.
2 Akshansh, Noah, Kevin
Choose a work that is unlike the other sketches. Why did you choose this piece?
3 Anna, Kathrin, Tinsley
Choose a work that you like and and don’t know how it was made. Describe what you see.
4 Andrew, Brad, Brooke
Perlin Noise is often used to simulate natural forms. Choose a work that demonstrates this. Discuss.
5 Ray, Janice, Fei
Choose any work. List 5 different ways the artist could change the sketch to explore further.
6 Archit, Ivy, Jungu, Batool
The challenge is not a competition. Who won?

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