Week 2, Random

Random Values

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:



Time Duration Purpose Format Name
3:50 10 m Engage Activity Homework Tagging
4:00 30 m Review Critique Sketch Review Questions
4:30 10 m Study Lecture Intro + Slides
4:40 20 m Engage Activity 2d6 vs 1d12 Dice Chart
5:00 20 m Study Lecture The Methodical Application of Chance
5:20 15 m Activate Discussion Skyline Tactic Match
5:35 10 m Break Break Break
5:45 10 m Study Lecture Pseudorandom vs Random
5:55 10 m Activate Activity Pencil + Paper LCG
6:05 10 m Activate Lecture Study Example
6:10 20 m Activate Coding In-class Challenges

Homework Review


individually, 5 minutes

Scroll through this weeks homework and tag posts as you like.

groups, 5 minutes

In your assigned team, choose 1 or 2 sketches from the past week and use them to illustrate your answer to your team’s question.

class, 6x3 minutes

Share your chosen sketch, comment on it and summarize your discussion.


Group Question
1 Batool, Alonso, Josefina
How does working within constraints support creativity?
2 Felix, Akshansh, Noah
Considering the tile set as a tool, how do tools impact authorship?
3 Kevin, Anna, Kathrin
Choose a sketch you feel should be tagged πŸ€“. Explain why.
4 Tinsley, Andrew, Brad K.
Choose a sketch you feel should be tagged πŸ˜‚. Explain why.
5 Brooke E., Ray, Janice
Choose a β€œoutlier” project that explores an aspect of tile-sets not well covered by other projects. What is different about your chosen project?
6 Fei Bi, Archit, Ivy, Jungu
Choose a sketch you feel should be tagged 😍. Explain why.


  1. Did you cite your classmates tiles?
  2. You can now tag sketches with πŸ€“πŸ˜‚πŸ˜.
  3. You can format your sketch comments with markdown.
  4. Next Week After Class: Discovering OOP in Javascript