Week 14, 3D Forms

3D Forms


3D Printers, Printed Examples

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:


Time Duration Purpose Format Name
3:50 10 m Engage Discussion Homework Review
4:00 5 m Study Lecture 3D Form Intro
4:05 20 m Engage+Activate Coding Challenge Hello, OpenSCAD
4:20 15 m Study Lecture OpenSCAD !== C
4:30 10 m Activate+Recall Quiz OpenSCAD !== C
4:40 10 m Break Break Break
5:00 20 m Study Lecture Lego Example
5:20 20 m Activate Coding Challenge Coding Challenge
5:40 20 m Study Lecture Challenge Discussion
6:00 20 m Study Lecture Digital Fabrication


  1. Name as many programming paradigms as you can?
  2. Which paradigms fit JavaScript?
  3. Which paradigms fit OpenSCAD?
  4. Javascript uses expression syntax with the operator between the operands like this: 2 + 4. What is the name of that kind of notation?
  5. What is the name of the other notation we talked about earlier?
  6. What would multiplying 10 and 2 look like in prefix notation?
  7. What is an example of prefix notation outside of code?
  8. What does immutable mean?


::: .activity

Homework Review

::: .headless

Group Question
1 Discuss a sketch that you learned something from.
2 Discuss a sketch from any week that you feel connects ideas from two different areas.
3 Discuss a piece of music that sounds familiar.
4 Discuss a piece of music that sounds unusual.
5 Discuss a challenge response that uses code.
6 Discuss a challenge response that does not use code.