Week 8, Vector Data

Vector Data Chapter

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:



Duration Time Purpose Format Name
30 3:50 Review+Engage Discussion Homework Review
10 4:20 Study Lecture 01 Pixels
20 4:30 Activate Code Pixel Writing Challenges
10 4:50 Study Code Lecture Challenges Discussion
20 5:00 Activate Code Pixel Processing Challenges
10 5:20 Study Code Lecture Challenges Discussion
15 5:30 Study Lecture 04 pixels[]
25 5:45 Activate Code setQuick + Grass Example Live Code
20 6:10 Study Lecture Vector vs Raster

Lecture Notes

Homework Review


Group Question
1 Alyssa, Carla, Dahee
Choose a work that was very clearly made using turtle graphics.
2 Max, Aakanksha, Patricia
Choose a work that uses turtle graphics, but doesn’t look “turtley”.
3 Sue, Julian, Madison
Choose a work that is well “framed”.
4 Earl, Ting, Bella
This week several sketches used dense lines to create form. Choose one of these to discuss.
5 Patrick, Leah, Mario
Choose your favorite challenge response. Discuss.
6 Jack, Rik, Kirsten
Which work got the most 😂 + 😍 + 🤓. Discuss.