Week 10, Generating Text

Text Chapter

Learning Objectives



Duration Time Purpose Format Name
– Pre TBA - Recursive Drawing?
30 3:50 Review+Engage Discussion Homework Review
20 4:20 Study Lecture 01 Text
10 4:40 Study Lecture 02 Templates
15 4:50 Study Lecture 03 Markov Chain
15 5:05 Activate Activity Markov Chain Worksheet
5 5:20 Break Break Break
15 5:25 Study Lecture 04 Context-free Grammars
20 5:40 Activate Coding In-class challenge
20 6:00 Study Code Lecture In-class challenge discussion
10 6:20 Study Lecture Homework Review

Lecture Notes

01 Computational Text
This is practical!
This is how websites are made.
Text to generate other media
Programs that write programs.
Turing Test
Generating Language subset of Generating Text
Examples, Subreddit Simulator, NYT Best Places, ELIZA
02 Templates
03 Markov Chains + Activity
04 Context-free Grammars

::: .activity

Homework Review


::: .headless

Group Question
1 Xia, Patricia, Dahee
Choose a work that you like, but are unsure how it was made. Describe what you see.
2 Bella, Leah, Carla
Choose a sketch that follows this week’s theme in a way that stands out from the others, an outlier.
3 Aakanksha, Julian, Xu
Choose a work that you think looks good a full speed but probably rendered too slowly for real-time playback.
4 Alyssa, Ting, Jack
Create a β€œtip” for making better sketches. Choose a sketch to illustrate.
5 Madison, Earl, Patrick
Choose your favorite bumper challenge. Discuss
6 Rik, Kirsten, Mario
Choose a πŸ˜‚, 😍, or πŸ€“. Discuss.