Week 2, Random Values

Random Values Chapter

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:



Duration Time Purpose Format Name
10 3:50 Engage Activity Homework Tagging
30 4:00 Review Critique Homework Review Questions
10 4:30 Engage Discussion Homework Introduction + Guess Today’s Topics
10 4:40 Study Lecture Intro + Slides
10 4:50 Engage Activity 2d6 vs 1d12 Dice Chart
20 5:00 Study Lecture The Methodical Application of Chance
5 5:20 Activate Discussion Skyline Tactic Match
10 5:25 Break Break Break
10 5:35 Study Lecture Pseudorandom vs Random
15 5:45 Activate Activity Pencil + Paper LCG
10 6:00 Activate Lecture Study Example
20 6:10 Activate Coding In-class Challenges

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Homework Review


indvidually, 5 minutes

Scroll through this weeks homework and tag posts as you like.

groups, 5 minutes

In your assigned team, choose 1 or 2 sketches from the past week and use them to illustrate your answer to your team’s question.

class, 6x3 minutes

Share your chosen sketch, comment on it and summarize your discussion.


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Group Question
1 Xia, Patricia, Dahee
How does working within constraints support creativity?
2 Bella, Leah, Carla
Considering the tile set as a tool, how do tools impact authorship?
3 Aakanksha, Julian, Xu
Choose a sketch you feel should be tagged 🤓. Explain why.
4 Alyssa, Ting, Jack
Choose a sketch you feel should be tagged 😂. Explain why.
5 Madison, Earl, Patrick
Choose a “outlier” project that explores an aspect of tile-sets not well covered by other projects. What is different about your chosen project?
6 Rik, Kirsten, Mario
Choose a sketch you feel should be tagged 😍. Explain why.




  1. Did you cite your classmates tiles?
  2. You can now tag sketches with 🤓😂😍.
  3. You can format your sketch comments with markdown.