Week 4, Noise

Noise Chapter

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:



Duration Time Purpose Format Name
30 3:50 Review+Engage Discussion Homework Review
10 4:20 Study Lecture 01 Noise
10 4:30 Engage Activity 04 Noise Worksheet
10 4:40 Engage Activity Noise Circles Whiteboard Computer
20 4:50 Study Lecture 02 Noise vs. Random
10 5:10 Study Lecture 03 Benefits of Noise
5 5:20 Break - Break
20 5:25 Activate Coding Intro + Challenges
20 5:45 Study Lecture Challenges Discussion
25 6:05 Activate Coding 05 Working With Noise


Homework Discussion

01 Noise

04 Noise Worksheet, Building Noise

02 Noise vs. Random + 03 Benefits of Noise


05 Working With Noise

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Homework Review

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Group Question
1 Max, Leah, Sue
Choose a common theme that has appeared in several pieces. Discuss the theme and two example sketches.
2 Bella, Julian, Jack
Choose a work that you feel used parameters is a very well. Why did you choose this piece?
3 Aakanksha, Ting, Patrick
Choose a work that you like and and don’t know how it was made. Describe what you see.
4 Alyssa, Earl, Mario
Choose a sketch that you think started with plan. What benefits did starting with a plan have?
5 Madison, Kirsten, Dahee
Choose a sketch that you think started without a plan. What benefits did starting without a plan have?
6 Rik, Patricia, Carla
The challenge is not a competition. Who won?