Week 14, Microgames

Microgames Chapter

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:



Duration Time Purpose Format Name
30 3:50 Engage Discussion Homework Review
10 4:20 Study Lecture Microgames Intro
40 4:30 Engage Discussion What is a Game?
5 5:10 Break - Break
30 5:15 Engage Discussion New Tools
10 5:45 Study Lecture Intro to p5.play
10 5:55 Activate Coding Coding Challenge
20 6:15 Activate Discussion Coding Discussion
10 6:25 Study Lecture Assignment Intro

Homework Review

Review last week’s class, this week’s sketches, and this semester’s class.

Today’s review is going to be different again today:

  • Get into groups of three.
  • Review this week’s work.
  • Consider your group’s prompt in terms of the overall work.
  • Don’t select specific projects.
  • Choose three specific “insights” related to your prompt to share with the class.
  • Carefully phrase each insight in exactly 7 words.

For example if your prompt was: “Inside vs Outside”:

  • “Inside: darker in day, brighter at night.”
  • “Big things seem smaller when put outside.”
  • “People outside are going to other places.”
Group Question
1 3D vs 2D
2 Functional vs Procedural
3 3D vs Sound
4 OpenSCAD vs Other 3D Software
5 Procedural vs Manual
6 Sketches vs Projects