Week 1, Introduction

Introduction Tile Sets Chapter

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:



Time ESA Type Activity
Pre Fun - Randomly Generated by Abundant-Music
3:50 Engage Activity Sierpinski Triangle
4:10 Study Lecture What Comp Form Is
4:30 Study Lecture Class Overview + Homework Expectations
4:50 Break Break Break
5:00 Engage Discussion Class Introduction Activity
5:20 Study Lecture Tile Sets Lecture
5:40 Activate Activity Tile Sets Workshop
6:15 Activate Activity Set up Sketch Blog Accounts + Post

Class Introduction Activity

Who are you people? What are we doing here?

In Pairs, 10 Minutes

  • Introduce yourself to your partner. Learn their name and one interesting thing about them.
  • Compare your syllabus questions.
    • Note which questions you have in common.
    • Note which questions have been answered in class already, which have not.
    • Identify the most important unanswered question, if you have any.

Class, 10 minutes

  • Introduce your partner in one sentence that includes their name and one interesting thing about them.
  • Ask your most important unanswered syllabus question.


Graduate extra assignment.