Week 6, Pixel Data


Learning Objectives



Time ESA Type Activity
3:50 Review+Engage Discussion Homework Review
4:20 Study Lecture 01 Pixels
4:30 Activate Code Pixel Writing Challenges
4:50 Study Code Lecture Challenges Discussion
5:00 Activate Code Pixel Processing Challenges
5:20 Study Code Lecture Challenges Discussion
5:30 Study Lecture 04 pixels[]
5:45 Activate Code setQuick +Grass Example Live Code
6:10 Study Lecture Vector vs Raster

Lecture Notes

Next few weeks look at different paradigms of drawing.
Pixels, Turtle Graphics, Vector
Drawing API vs Pixels, Vector vs Raster, Absolute vs Relative Positioning, Immediate Mode vs Retained Mode
01 Pixels
Raster video pipeline, memory mapping
Vector Monitors

Homework Review


Group Question
1 Xia, Aakanksha, Sue
Choose your favorite take on the dot challenge. Discuss
2 Jack, Patricia, Ting
Choose your favorite take on the line challenge. Discuss
3 Earl, Carla, Dahee
Choose a work that you like, but are unsure how it was made. Describe what you see.
4 Leah, Kirsten, Bella
Choose a set of sketches that show interesting progression from one to the next. Discuss how the sketch changed in each post.
5 Madison, Rik, Patrick
Choose a work that combines computational and manually-created form. Discuss.
6 Allysa, Mario, Julian
Choose a 😂, 😍, or 🤓. Discuss.

Class Notes