Week 13, Music


Learning Objectives


Time ESA Type Activity
3:50 Review+Engage Discussion Homework Review
4:20 Study Lecture Why Music Intro
4:35 Study Lecture Examples of Comp Music
4:45 Study Lecture Today’s Format
4:50 Activate+Study Activity+Lecture Synthesizing a Note
5:15 break break break
5:20 Activate+Study Activity+Lecture Playing a Melody
5:45 Activate+Study Activity+Lecture Generating a Melody
6:15 Activate Discussion Code To Spec
6:25 Study Lecture Homework


Homework Review

Group Question
1 Choose a common theme that has appeared in several pieces. Discuss the theme and two example sketches.
2 Choose a sketch that visualizes sound. Discuss the relationship between the sound and visual.
3 Choose a computational sound. Try to describe the sound in detail, so that someone could recreate it without hearing it.
4 Choose a work with a strong audio-visual relationship that is not an audio visualization.
5 Many of the sounds generated have a similar sound. Choose a sketch that achieves a unique character.
6 The challenge is not a competition. Who won?


We are doing music!

  1. Good response last week, and a high interest for more audio.
  2. Some very good sketches this week.
  3. We didn’t cover any comp sound tactics.
  4. We didn’t cover any comp sound precedents.
  5. I thought about why the music week went poorly last time, and decided that the problem isn’t that many of you don’t have a musical background. The problem is that I planned a lesson that needed one and tried to crash-course a music background it too little time, with too little knowledge.
  6. I really liked using these speakers.

But the real reason is:

Class Notes